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Metal Catalyst Substrate
Metal Catalyst Substrate
Metal Catalyst Substrate
Metal Catalyst Substrate

Product name : Metal Catalyst Substrate

Model Number : 201181719535

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Professional manufacturer of metal catalyst substrate for exhaust control of diesel and gas fueled engines.

Core densities  differ from 10 cpsi to 1000 cpsi;

Core structures can be concentric, spiral,double S type, three-core type etc.; Transverse section can be made into round, square, oval, polygon, or some other special structures.

Core material is ultra-thin FeCralloy, thickness differs from 0.03mm - 0.11mm, outer shell is stainless steel seamless tube or stainless steel welded tube, like SUS444, SUS441, SUS430 etc. The substrates is welded by 100% high temperature vacuum brazing.

Customized sizes and shapes of metal substrates are available.

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