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Persistence Heating Applied Co.,Ltd, is a professional producer of catalytic converter substrates and metal catalyst substrates for diesel and gas fueled engines, support the automotive industry with innovative metal substrates in an effort to reduce fuel consumption and minimise harmful particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions. 

In 2001 the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, certified by China Quality Certification Centre.

Specifications of metal catalyst substrates:

1. CPSI: from 50 to 1000 cpsi;
2. Size: diameter from 10mm to 1200mm, length from 10mm to 450mm;
3. Shape: can be rounded, oval, rectangle and other abnormal types;
4. Customized sizes and shapes of metal substrates are available;
5. Core structures can be concentric, spiral,double S type, three-core type etc.;
6. Core material is ultra-thin FeCralloy, thickness differs from 0.03mm - 0.11mm;
7. Outer shell is stainless steel seamless or welded tube, like SUS444, SUS441, SUS430;
8. The substrates is welded by 100% high temperature vacuum brazing;

We produce and export metal substrates about 10 years, currently our customers are located in Germany, Britain, Netherland, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Korea and Australia.

"Quality first, Integrity management, Professional development" is our motto. Your visit and guidance is warmly welcomed.

It's an honor and responsibility to devote ourselves to protect and improve global environment.

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